Remember the DIY version of Unbound? On June 1st we’re doing it again - united in gravel, we ride REBOUND. This year, we are stepping up our game by following four REBOUND participants. Four candidates. Two top level coaches. Only three months to prepare for their long day on the bike. Join Polly from the UK, Jarle from Norway, Willy from Belgium and Sophie from the Netherlands on their Road to Rebound, while they are being coached by ex-pro cyclist Laurens ten Dam and human performance scientist Jim van den Berg.

The Long Way Home - Road to Rebound - episode 1 - It Starts Here!

In this episode: the project kick-off. The candidates and coaches meet each other for the first time in Amsterdam, where a busy day awaits: lectures about the JOIN training app, training in general, equipment and nutrition, and the dreaded FTP test to determine their physical starting point.

The Long Way Home - Road to Rebound - episode 2 - Into The Grind

In this episode: into the grind! After 1,5 month of training, it’s time for an update. How are the candidates doing? Do they feel like they improve? What are their struggles and obstacles? And wat does their daily life at home look like? D-Day is coming closer!

The Long Way Home - Road to Rebound - episode 3 - PREBOUND

In this episode: PREBOUND! The dress rehearsal of REBOUND. The candidates prepared everything like they will do on June 1, but only for half the distance: preparing the right bike set-up, calculating all the right nutrition, and building the perfect route with as much gravel as possible. How did they do it? What are their thoughts about d-day after the dress rehearsal? Spoiler alert: their experiences during the day couldn’t be more different. 

The Long Way Home - Road to Rebound - episode 4 - The Day Has Come

In this episode: D-DAY! June 1st has finally arrived. The day that REBOUND participants Polly, Jarle, Sophie and Willy have been looking forward to for three months. After the surprise that they will ride the longest ride of their life from The Netherlands instead of their own doorstep, they packed their bags and travelled to the flattest country of Europe. After all these weeks of training, after all the equipment preparation and fuel strategies, how will they do? Are they gonna their personal goal? Let's find out in this last episode.